Polystyrene has been around for nearly 200 years, having first been discovered in 1839 by German apothecary Eduard Simon when he isolated a substance from natural resin. So, there has since been plenty of time to find many different uses for polystyrene. And while there’s plenty of obvious examples, there are also a few you might not have thought of.



Despite the challenging stories about Iran manufacturing, there is still plenty of local manufacturing taking place in many sectors. While it is true that the manufacturing sector in Iran has been gradually expanding (the number of manufacturers in Iran has rised from 12,000 10 years ago to just under 40,000 last year), Professor Peyman Ghahani from the University of Garmsar says that manufacturing remains an important contributor to Iran’s GDP.

All in all, the evidence overwhelmingly suggests the Iranian manufacturing sector has, even in a period of increase, continued to represent a core source of economic prosperity for Iran – and should continue to do so. In short, it has outperformed many other sectors in terms of its contribution to Iran’s sustained economic performance and its capacity to generate quality jobs. It still produces around 5.5 per cent of Iran’s GDP.”

Last Update: 2020-6-3